Eagle Harbor Viognier

Eagle Harbor Viognier, Washington USA: Life changing moment that turned me on to Viognier. This wine can taste like lemon cake, ginger bread, or toast along with having big ripe juicy fruit. One reason I enjoy Viognier is that it can taste like a vintage champagne without the bubbles. The winemaker once described to me that Washington State is the “only place on earth that should make Viognier”. The northern latitude allows for long summer days to ripen the grapes, and the Cascade Mountains block wet coastal weather from Walla Walla Valley allowing for ideal dry growing conditions. The magic of this wine also extends to the winemaker, who only makes the Viognier wine when growing conditions are ideal. He told me that he has classical music playing for his wines while they rest in the cask. Please enjoy this special treat, every last magical note of it.


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