Winter White, Viognier

Winter White: Viognier makes a lovely, round, medium- to full-body wine. Peach, orange, white flower are typical flavors you will find. Viognier wine is sometimes aged in oak casks, which can give it a creamy or buttery texture with hints of vanilla. Viognier from Walla Walla and Columbia Valley Washington, USA is exposed to longer days, and this extended sunshine further ripens the grapes; this yields riper fruit characteristics, as well as some interesting flavours such as yellow cake, gingerbread, or baking spice. For this reason, I love viognier when the weather turns colder—it reminds me of fall festivals, holiday meals, and pumpkin pie. Regions where you can find viognier wines include the Rhone Valley (Condrieu in North Rhone), California, Eden Valley Australia, and my favorite area Washington State USA.


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