Red Wine Glass

Saint-Emilion / Bordeaux France / Merlot, Cabernet Franc / Louis Eschenauer: Medium body, dry. Blackberry, lavender, tobacco. 

We are so proud to offer you a Saint-Emilion by the glass. This is a flagship Bordeaux from the Right Bank, meaning that the wines are predominantly Merlot grape. It’s popular to “hate Merlot” because of an infamous scene in the movie “Sideways”—Merlot is a beautiful fruit-forward grape evoking dark fruits, and in a Bordeaux wine there is impeccable structure. This is for when you’re having a sophisticated, classy night out—this wine and the experience almost begs for white glove service. This is the big dry wine that you are looking for. Pairs well with beef, and the elevated tannins make it a good partner for a fatty cut of steak such as Rib Eye.


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