Monthly Archives: March 2017

Citadelle, France

Profile: Fruit, Sweet. Taste: Orange peel, purple flower, nutmeg. Recommended Garnish: Orange slice, clove. Another approachable gin from the Cognac region of France. Since it plays well with fruit and spice, this is a great gin for cocktails with those elements.

G’Vine, France

Profile: Fruit, Sweet. Taste: Grape, white flower, ginger. Recommended Garnish: Green grape, tarragon. A very friendly spirit for gin novices. It has a pleasant round mouthfeel, edges on sweetness, and does not have a strong juniper flavor.

Hendrick’s, Scotland

Profile: Savory, Dry. Taste: White flower, cucumber, tea. Recommended Garnish: Cucumber. A very approachable, flagship gin. Plays well with floral and herbal elements. I like infusing sake with fresh dill and sushi ginger, then mixing 2 parts sake with 1 part Hendrick’s for a crisp, herbal martini.

Vor Barrel Aged, Iceland

Profile: Savory, Complex. Taste: Kelp, thyme, moss. Recommended Garnish: Ginger, green olive, rosemary. Burly and broad. This oak-aged gin is very complex with a range of heavy flavors. Crisp aromatics balance out the full-on flavor assault. This is the Lumberjack of the gin world!

Gin Mare, Spain

Profile: Savory, Clean Taste: Tomato, basil, olive. Recommended Garnish: Tomato, celery. This gin plays very well with savory and earthy elements. Tomato and celery work harmoniously with the tomato and basil elements of this gin.

Bombay Sapphire, England

Profile: Fruit, Herbal. Taste: Juniper, lemon peel, almond. Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, mint. This gin craves citrus, mint plays perfectly with the botanicals. If you enjoy a dry martini, try your next Bombay Sapphire martini with a lemon twist–you will be amazed at how this tiny garnish transforms the flavor of the gin!

Martin Miller’s, Iceland and England

Profile: Fruit, Clean. Taste: White flower, citrus peel, liquorice. Recommended Garnish: Grapefruit. A clean, fruit-forward gin that binds especially well with grapefruit. The best of both worlds: distilled in England, made with fresh Icelandic water.

Vor, Iceland

Profile: Floral, Complex. Taste: Kelp, thyme. Recommended Garnish: Blackberry, rosemary lime. Full body and herbal. Rosemary pairs well with the savory kelp and thyme notes, blackberry adds a bit of tart acid to liven it up.

Revivalist Summertide, Pennsylvania USA

Profile: Floral, Sweet. Taste: Peppermint, lemon, liquorice. Recommended Garnish: Mint, lime. Move over mojito. This was a surprisingly pleasing gin introduced to Klaustur Bar by a dear guest from the States. This shows you how the Gin Revolution has moved to areas of the world that would surprise you for quality spirit production!

Audemus Pink Pepper, Cognac France

Profile: Spicy, Complex. Taste: Pink peppercorns, honey suckle, bergamot. Recommended Garnish: Green grape, tarragon. Subtle spiciness from the pink peppercorn, and a rich pleasing mouthfeel. Could you expect anything but quality from a product made in Cognac, France?