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Mollydooker “Violinist” Verdelho, McLaren Vale Australia

Another brilliant gem from Mollydooker wines using their creativity and ingenuity. Verdelho grape you may have come across in Portugal as a varietal grape wine or in Madeiran wine. It is so exciting to see how wildly this grape expresses in New World terroir in Australia. This wine vibrantly sings with tropical fruit notes: pineapple, […]
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Mollydooker “Blue Eyed Boy” Shiraz, McLaren Vale Australia

Oh my sweet, sweet Blue Eyed Boy. Admittedly this wine’s name has always tugged at my heartstrings reminding me of my sweet son. Such is the love that the creators of Mollydooker have put into their wines, and they always leave me impressed. Let us be clear–this wine is the best wine you can get […]
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Casa Freschi Nebbiolo, South Australia

Wait, what? Nebbiolo from Australia? I thought this was a gimmick or a stunt, and my expectations were not high before trying it. I was thoroughly proved wrong. Not only is this an amazing wine in its own right, this is one of the purest, most beautiful expressions of Nebbiolo that I’ve had. Nebbiolo is […]
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“The Story” Shiraz, Victoria Australia

A wonderful expression from the famed Grampians wine region in Victoria, Australia. Excellent value as an introduction to Australian Shiraz. Jammy, full body, and rich. Beautiful plum, blackberry, and liquorice flavors. This wine also has a slight herbal note to it, and a peppery finish.

Sagrantino Passito, Umbria Italy

What a magical, dense, juicy, rich, sweet wine. Wines made from dried grapes will be concentrated and usually sweeter. If you are not familiar with this style of wine, you may be surprised to know that this method of making rich, honeyed wines has existed for 3000 years, and exists in the majority of winemaking countries. […]
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Vin de Paille, Jura France

Another blockbuster surprise, and proof that good things come in small packages. Vin de Paille is a style of wine translated as “straw wine”. This is a reference to bunches of grapes collected off the vine and historically dried to raisins in straw baskets to condense and sweeten the resulting wine. This is a historical […]
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Henriques & Henriques, Madeira Portugal

It is amazing to taste an unfamiliar style of wine, such as Madeira, and to be blown away by the richness and complexity. Madeiran wine has a rich history. The little island off the coast of Africa played a strategic role for extending the reach of Portuguese explorers to undiscovered lands in the 15th century […]
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Camins del Priorat, Catalonia Spain

This is the “little sister” of the Alvaro Palacios, entry level with wonderful elements at a reasonable price. Light body, fruit forward. Violets, dried black currant, black tea on the nose. Palate of plum, black cherry, lavender. A wonderful expression of Priorat’s terroir, and a good sample for you to consider spending more on more […]
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Gaja Sito Moresco, Piedmont Italy

This is an interesting wine. It comes from one of the most prestigious wine makers, Gaja. It comes from the Piedmont region in Italy, an epic area known for Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato d’Asti, Gavi de Gavi, among others. The Langhe subregion is known for experimentation with international grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, much as the […]
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Pey La Tour, Bordeaux France

Full body, rich. Blackberry, plum, and mocha on the nose. Cassis, blackberry jam, and earth on the palate. This was a beautiful surprise, much richer and jammier than I expected. Indeed a Bordeaux Supérieur, and awesome value!