Henriques & Henriques, Madeira Portugal

It is amazing to taste an unfamiliar style of wine, such as Madeira, and to be blown away by the richness and complexity. Madeiran wine has a rich history. The little island off the coast of Africa played a strategic role for extending the reach of Portuguese explorers to undiscovered lands in the 15th century onwards. Wines from Madeira were fortified to survive long trans-Atlantic and trans-Equatorial journeys. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity over long, often treacherous journeys imparted a completely unique flavor on Madeiran wine that made it immensely popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Perhaps this is why the British colonized Madeira for a period of time? This particular Madeiran wine is made of Bual gape. Medium body, rich and complex. Dried apple, hazelnut, dried cherries on the nose. Caramel, toasted hazelnut, and dried pineapple on the palate. This half-bottle size makes it very approachable to experiment and try–dessert in a glass!

curious madeira

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