Vin de Paille, Jura France

Another blockbuster surprise, and proof that good things come in small packages. Vin de Paille is a style of wine translated as “straw wine”. This is a reference to bunches of grapes collected off the vine and historically dried to raisins in straw baskets to condense and sweeten the resulting wine. This is a historical method known as Strohwein in Austria, and Passito in Italy, and there are historical references to it from ancient Roman times. Jura, a curious little area tucked against the French Alps, is being more widely discovered for its curious little wines. The Vin de Paille simply floored me–so rich, honeyed, and delicious. On the nose there is sherry, apricot, marzipan. Palate of lemon zest, honey, ripe peach. Full body, sweet and sticky. Delivered in a 50 cL bottle, there will always be room for dessert with this wine.

Curious vin de paille

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