Sagrantino Passito, Umbria Italy

What a magical, dense, juicy, rich, sweet wine. Wines made from dried grapes will be concentrated and usually sweeter. If you are not familiar with this style of wine, you may be surprised to know that this method of making rich, honeyed wines has existed for 3000 years, and exists in the majority of winemaking countries. This wine is made from the Sagrantino grape in the Montefalco subregion of Umbria, Italy. Full body, sweet, plum, chocolate, and rich black cherry. Passito is the style of wine made from drying the grapes to raisins before making the wine. This is also known as “straw wine”, as a reference to the straw mats that used to be used for the drying process. This style of wine is also known as Strohwein in Austria, Vin de Paille in France, Prošek in Croatia, Slámové víno in Czech Republic, Slamoveé víno in Slovakia, Vinsanto in both Greece and parts of Italy, Passito in Italy, Vino de Pasas in Spain, and is represented by at least one winemaker in Australia, USA, Dominican Republic, Denmark, and South Africa.(1)  Could something this prevalent *not* be amazing? This is a good illustration of the reciprocal benefit that civilization and wine have had in advancing each other.

curious passito

(1) Reference: Wikipedia

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