Ex Umbris Syrah, Washington USA

I was looking for a specific bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at the grocery store, and they happened to be sold out. Craving a full-body New World red, I decided to try this one out. I can’t get enough Washington Syrah these days. For under $30 USD at the store, this was exceptional value. Red Mountain in Washington, USA has pumped out some juicy Syrah. Nose of blackberry, baked plum, black currant. Palate of blackberry jam, sugar plum, clay. Medium body and fruit-forward.

Consider for a moment that Red Mountain’s Syrah is just about the same degree of latitude as northern Bordeaux, southern Burgundy, and Veneto in Italy which is where Prosecco comes from. This is an illustration that the latitude itself has very little bearing on what grapes will grow well for which wines; instead climate, the formation of the land, and geology have more of an effect. This terroir sets the palate from which winemakers can express themselves in their grape selection and winemaking. Latitude, of course, does dictate to some degree (hehe) where grapes can grow and ripen for wine: generally 30 to 50 degrees latitude, because closer to the equator/poles are too hot/cold respectively. Generally.

darling ex umbris

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