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Macaronesian, Canary Islands Spain

Profile: Floral, Herbal Taste: Hyacinth, eucalyptus, clove. Recommended Garnish: Rosemary, orange slice. Brilliance! When you leave someone alone on a remote island for a long time, their resourcefulness and creativity will show through, by way of desperation or desire. Macaronesian Gin is made in the Canary Islands with local Tenerife juniper and volcanic rock filtered […]
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Monkey 47 Sloe, Germany

Profile: Fruit, sweet. Taste: Cherry cough drop, leather, rhubarb. Recommended Garnish: Blackberry, mint. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think Sloe Gin is “my thing”. It is a very particular taste, and I suspect that you either love it, or you hate it. That said, Monkey 47 Sloe Gin is the best of the sloe […]
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Old English, England

Profile: Spicy, Complex. Taste: Black pepper, juniper, celery. Recommended Garnish: Grapefruit, anise. I think I was expecting an old-school, dry, juniper forward gin when I saw this bottle. I was pleasantly surprised at how spicy and complex it was. Marvelous, considering there are only 11 botanicals in this gin recipe. The name and the wax-sealed bottle are not […]
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Monkey 47, Germany

Profile: Fruit, complex. Taste: Lemon peel, angelica, tree bark. Recommended Garnish: Lemon wedge. From the Black Forest in Germany comes this strapping, handsome bottle of gin brewed with 47 botanicals, and at 47% alcohol. It is tremendously complex, with so many different elements and flavors going on, yet it all comes together in one harmonious gin. Thank you, […]
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Ginabelle, Spain

Profile: Floral, clean. Taste: Lavender, plum, baking spice. Recommended Garnish: Plum, elderflower. This gin has simply blown us away. Exceptionally high quality, nice round mouth feel, and a beautiful floral bouquet. When we tried Ginabelle with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic, we were speechless. Treat yourself to this when you can, because it’s hard to find Ginabelle in Iceland: […]
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Himbrimi, Iceland

Profile: Spicy, complex. Taste: Birch bark, maple syrup, earth. Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, birch bark, candied ginger. This is one of the more unique gins you will ever try. It is complex, mysterious. Layers of spicy and herbal notes. A grounding earthiness. Icelandic water is always a recipe for success with its purity, but that’s only […]
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Saffron Gin, France

Profile: Floral, herbal. Taste: Rose petal, sea salt, copper. Recommended Garnish: Cherry tomato, cucumber. From a culinary capital of the world, Dijon, France. Quite a unique gin with its saffron infusion, and it makes for a visually stunning Gin & Tonic. Keep the garnishes simple so as to not overpower the delicate floral saffron tastes. […]
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Dodd’s, England

Profile: Spicy, complex. Taste: Cranberry, black pepper, orange peel. Recommended Garnish: Raspberry, rhubarb. This gin had such a pleasing stripe of fruity tartness down the middle of my tongue. The peppery bite of this gin put it over the top.

Old Bakery, England

Profile: Floral, complex. Taste: Lilac, anise, cardamom. Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, orange peel. What good gin doesn’t have a good story behind it? A plumber was renovating an old bakery in London when he found an old gin still that used to pump out illegal hooch back in the day. The plumber kept the original recipe […]
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Caorunn, Scotland

Profile: Fruit, sweet. Taste: Candied lemon peel, juniper, lemondrop candy. Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, red apple. A simply marvelous gin. Caorunn has good pedigree, as it is made at the Balmenach Distillery, one of the first whisky distilleries in Scotland. Enjoy this in a fruit-forward Gin & Tonic, in a martini with fruit garnish, or […]
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