Mountain Gin, Iceland

Profile: Floral, Herbal

Taste: Arctic thyme, clove, birch bark.

Recommended Garnish: Orange slice, cloves.

Simply amazing. This is a super clean earthy gin with a soft, sweet finish. The water source in Iceland is the best in the world, the tap water here is better than any bottled water in the world, which is evident in this gin. The smell and taste of this gin is like a deep breath of Icelandic nature: clean, a bit earthy, with a blend of unique local herbs. There is a wonderful bouquet of arctic thyme, lemon zest, and birch on the nose. The flavor boasts classic Icelandic favorites: Arctic thyme, birch bark, and cloves. Mountain Vodka was by far the best vodka I’ve ever tasted, and this is an even stronger showing with their gin. Mark my words: this will be an award-winning gin when the world discovers it in the next year. I can’t wait to experiment with this in cocktails. Corpse Reviver #2, Vesper, White Russian, and even Egg Nog will get a massive upgrade with this spiritual spirit.

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