Valdo Prosecco, Veneto Italy

Prosecco / Veneto Italy / Glera / Valdo Spumante

Light body, fruit. Pear, green apple, baking spice.

 From the beautiful region south of the Italian Alps, this lovely Prosecco is a fine reflection of this terroir. Floral, fruit forward, with very fine pearls. Excellent value over champagne, start your evening off with this sparkler.

Prosecco is from the Veneto area of Italy. It is typically very light with some fruit flavors. Cava is from Spain. You can generally find both at very low prices relative to Champagne. I find that Cava can sometimes be a bit heavy, and can also have a musky character to it. If you like light and clean, Prosecco is for you.

Because of the attractive pricing of Prosecco, it can also be used for sparkling wine cocktails. Around the winter holidays I have sometimes soaked cooked cranberries, vanilla bean, lemon peel, and sugar in Vodka. After about a week, the vodka mix takes on a beautiful rich red colour. A full or half serving of the infused vodka in a champagne flute topped with Prosecco makes for a visually stunning cocktail to start off a holiday meal with friends and family. This also makes this Prosecco a great offering by the glass, as proudly offered at Klaustur Bar!

Valdo Prosecco

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