Mombasa Club, England

Profile: Floral, Dry

Taste: Juniper, cardamom, angelica

Recommended Garnish: Lemon rind

A throwback to the old Mombasa Club in Zanzibar, now Kenya, where this gin was originally made in London then shipped to the club exclusively for its members. This is a London Dry Gin–this does not mean that the gin has to be made in London (this style can be made anywhere in the world), but rather it is distilled to absolute dryness (.1 grams of sugar maximum per Liter) and only water can be added after the distillation.

If you fancy other London Dry Gins, which tend to be a bit floral with a strong Juniper presence, then this one would be an interesting one to experiment with and try. It is a bit more robust and spicy, with musky notes of cardamom and angelica.

Mombasa .jpg

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