Copperhead Black Batch, Belgium

Profile: Spicy, Complex

Taste: Tea leaves, cardamom, blackberry bush

Recommended Garnish: Lemon Peel

The original Copperhead, in its shiny medicinal copper bottle, has been hugely popular at Klaustur Bar. Perhaps it’s the perfect warming, spicy match for cold weather. Copperhead’s Black Batch sold out almost immediately and it flies off the shelves.

Where do I start? The short days of long winters in Iceland can evoke seasonal melancholy. Dark humour is prevalent in my compatriots here. Despite sun lamps, cod liver oil for Vitamin D, or trips to get sunlight, the darkness creeps in. One’s own experience of winter in Iceland can be summed up by resistance and suffering, or embracing and persevering. It is a choice.

While contemplating this existential crisis, the prescription comes from the Doctor of Copperhead: embrace the dark. Brood over Black Batch’s complex palate of thorny blackberry bush, Ceylon tea, musky cardamom.

Copper Head Black.jpg

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