Glendalough Autumn Botanical, Ireland

Profile: Spicy, Complex

Taste: Tea leaves, rose petal, red apple

Recommended Garnish: Blackberry, rosemary

An exciting expression from Glendalough in Ireland, as it gives a sense of seasonal terroir–the flavors and essence of the local landscape. Earthy notes such as tea leaves, floral rose petals, and ripe red apple show through. Like strolling through the countryside on a crisp fall day. An impressive and creative list of botanicals locally foraged in homage to St. Kevin and his blackbird (depicted on the label) including:


“11 ‘classic’ gin botanicals along with some locally foraged plants such as nettle, watermint, clover flowers, ground ivy, heather flowers, rosehips, meadowsweet leaves, rosemary, haws, yarrow, blackberry, fraughan berries, damson, sloe, elderberry and crab apple”. Credit Whiskey Exchange.

Glendalough Autumn

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