Bertha’s Revenge, Ireland

Profile: Floral, Herbal

Taste: Rose petal, Iris, Fresh Grass

Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel

Milk Gin.

Say whaaaaat??? These lads in Ireland decided to make a gin. They use a whey alcohol.  As in the runny by-product of curdling milk is fermented then distilled.

Still interested? Ok. We can still be friends.

1 Chemical Engineering degree from MIT, 1 fermentation class with Jean-Francois Pierre Hamel, 26 years of drinking fermented products…this hopefully may be enough expertise for me to tell you: Do not judge it so quickly!

This gin is very round and pleasing with wild floral notes and a touch of fresh-cut grass. It is fantastic with a slice of lemon. It really adds to the experience flying in Saga Class with Icelandair, who recently included this gin on their new Gin Library in the upper deck. If this is not enough to win you over, their website is absolutely hilarious. Read about the founders here.

Big Bertha.jpg

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