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Bertha’s Revenge, Ireland

Profile: Floral, Herbal Taste: Rose petal, Iris, Fresh Grass Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel Milk Gin. Say whaaaaat??? These lads in Ireland decided to make a gin. They use a whey alcohol.  As in the runny by-product of curdling milk is fermented then distilled. Still interested? Ok. We can still be friends. 1 Chemical Engineering degree […]
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Puerto de Indias, Spain

Profile: Fruit, Sweet Taste: Fresh strawberry, honeysuckle Recommended Garnish: Mint, Strawberry There is a popular craze for pink gins these days. In every product at Klaustur Bar, I try to stick with timeless classics. I do not like gimmicks. I do not like marketing budgets larger than the quality of the product within. That said, […]
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Beckett’s, England

Profile: Neutral, Clean Taste: Juniper, citrus Recommended Garnish: Rosemary, lime A classic London Dry Gin. Exceptionally smooth and clean, with very little burn. Like other Neutral, Clean gins I pick for the Klaustur Gin Menu, this would go exceptionally well in a classic martini. For a G&T stick to a classic recipe of rosemary and […]
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Mermaids, England

Profile: Savory, Complex Taste: Kelp, seaweed, ocean spray Recommended Garnish: Cucumber, black pepper Hailing from the Isle of Wight, this is a very savory gin that smacks of fresh ocean spray. Perhaps it’s the salty sea air on Wight, the use of sea fennel botanical, or the creative license of the distillers. Either way this […]
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Ungava, Canada

Profile: Floral, Complex Taste: Juniper, citrus Recommended Garnish: Lemon Quite a striking, quirky color from the botanicals used in this gin. Some of the most unique botanicals I have ever seen are used here. They are arctic ingredients including rose hips, bakeapple and labrador tea. Earthy, citrusy, leafy and herbal. Curious what any of these […]
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Flower Power Gin and Tonic

Garnish: Icelandic flowers and herbs. Floral, complex.  Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin (England).  Flower fresh from Iceland’s best. A harmonious blend of nature, incorporating local Icelandic herbs and flora, edible flowers, rose lemonade, and aromatic tonic. You are my flower, you are my power. Dancing days are here again. …ok, maybe Led Zeppelin said that last […]
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Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle, England

Profile: Fruit, Clean Taste: Lemon rind, juniper Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, orange slice Sipsmith made this gin inspired by citrus gins made around the early 1900’s. It is, quite simply and as intended, like enjoying a slice of lemon cake.

Tapper’s Darkside, Belgium

Profile: Spicy, Complex Taste: Honey, black pepper, grass Recommended Garnish: Orange, thyme Not to be confused with Copperhead Black Batch. Although the same beckoning to embrace your Dark Side exists through cold weather and long winter nights in Iceland. Tapper’s Dark Side matches remarkably well with the seaside proximity of Reykjavik, and is especially enjoyable […]
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Ortodoxy, Colombia

Profile: Spicy, Herbal Taste: Juniper, Cardamom, Mint Recommended Garnish: Mint, lime Not your every-day regular gin. First it’s made in Colombia. Second, it has a high intensity of aromatic botanicals from both classic (juniper, cardamom) and modern (mint) approaches. Third, it is barrel-aged in Dictador Rum barrels. For when you are feeling adventurous.

Copperhead Black Batch, Belgium

Profile: Spicy, Complex Taste: Tea leaves, cardamom, blackberry bush Recommended Garnish: Lemon Peel The original Copperhead, in its shiny medicinal copper bottle, has been hugely popular at Klaustur Bar. Perhaps it’s the perfect warming, spicy match for cold weather. Copperhead’s Black Batch sold out almost immediately and it flies off the shelves. Where do I […]
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