Winter Wines in Iceland

Iceland has two seasons: Winter, and Not Winter. This time of year the winter chill and dark days begs for cozy nights at home in comfort. Homes are generously heated with geothermal water, and soft holiday lights grace homes and streets in the darkness. The winter holidays are also just around the corner, so I […]
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Arctic Thyme Gin & Tonic

Arctic Thyme Gin & Tonic Garnish: Arctic Thyme, lavender, mint. Spicy, complex. Himbrimmi Old Tom Gin (Iceland). Uniquely Icelandic. Complex, mysterious. Layers of spicy and herbal notes. A grounding earthiness. Icelandic Arctic Thyme for a gin made from the freshest water on earth.

Cucumber Gin & Tonic

Cucumber Gin & Tonic Garnish: Icelandic cucumber, dill. Savory, herbal. Hendrick’s Gin (Scotland). Faithful companion. Hendrick’s gin begs for an Icelandic cucumber garnish. What’s more, this gin’s essence of rose petal and fresh dill are a pairing that will walk hand-in-hand for a lifetime.

Tomato Gin & Tonic

Tomato Gin & Tonic Garnish: Icelandic tomatoes, celery. Savory, clean. Gin Mare (Catalonia). Secret surprise. Most curious customers who venture to try this G&T say it’s their favorite. Water extracted from celery and Icelandic tomatoes work harmoniously with the savory hints of tomato and basil in this Catalonian gin. This is a bright savory G&T, NOT […]
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Mint Lime Gin & Tonic

Mint Lime Gin & Tonic Garnish: Mint, lime. Citrus, herbal. Martin Miller’s Gin (Iceland, England). Timeless classic. This gin craves citrus, and mint plays perfectly with the botanicals in this London Dry gin. If you are tired of sugary mojitos, try this as a premium thirst-quenching alternative.

Grapefruit Gin & Tonic

Grapefruit Gin & Tonic Garnish: Grapefruit. Citrus, clean. Martin Miller’s Gin (Iceland, England). Crisp and refreshing. Grapefruit is the perfect pairing for this gin. Martin Miller’s is the best of both worlds–distilled in England, made with fresh Icelandic water.

Strawberry Gin & Tonic

Strawberry Gin & Tonic Garnish: Icelandic strawberries. Floral, clean. Martin Miller’s Gin (Iceland, England). Dessert in a glass. Sweet Icelandic strawberries pair beautifully with this gin’s affinity for fruit and citrus.

Blackberry Gin & Tonic

Blackberry Gin & Tonic: Garnish: Blackberry, rosemary, lime. Floral, herbal. Mountain Gin (Iceland). Refreshing and herbal. Iceland’s finest gin from Iceland’s Strongest Man is exceptionally clean, earthy, with a delicious slightly-sweet finish. This is like a deep breath of Icelandic Nature in a glass. Rosemary pairs well with the earthy notes of the gin, and […]
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Valdo Prosecco, Veneto Italy

Prosecco / Veneto Italy / Glera / Valdo Spumante Light body, fruit. Pear, green apple, baking spice.  From the beautiful region south of the Italian Alps, this lovely Prosecco is a fine reflection of this terroir. Floral, fruit forward, with very fine pearls. Excellent value over champagne, start your evening off with this sparkler. Prosecco […]
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Pouilly-Fuissé, Burgundy France

Pouilly-Fuissé / Burgundy France / Chardonnay / Louis Latour Medium body, fruit. Apple, peach, lemon rind. White Burgundy at its finest. This wine is from the Mâconnais area of Burgundy, which has unique limestone and clay soil. The wine is aged in stainless steel, which allows the Chardonnay to show its greatest expression of fruit. […]
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