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Winter Wines in Iceland

Iceland has two seasons: Winter, and Not Winter. This time of year the winter chill and dark days begs for cozy nights at home in comfort. Homes are generously heated with geothermal water, and soft holiday lights grace homes and streets in the darkness. The winter holidays are also just around the corner, so I […]
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Winter Gins in Iceland

Iceland has two seasons: Winter, and Not Winter. As the chill takes a bite and the winter coats come out, my drink preference goes towards those that beat the Winter Blues. Warmth and spices that evoke cheerful and cozy spirits around the holidays. Full flavors and richness that play well with classic garnishes you would […]
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Summer Red Wine, Primitivo

I’m guessing that you either know Primitivo wine and love it for it’s bright fruit and floral notes, or you don’t know it yet but will want to try it very soon. Primitivo grape is grown mainly in Puglia in Italy, i.e. the “heel of the boot”. Primitivo and Zinfandel grapes are clones of the Crljenak […]
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Summer White Wine, Grüner Veltliner

This is a great summer white wine, and I’m excited to add it to the newly updated Klaustur Bar wine list! Austria has over 4000 years of winemaking history, and Grüner Veltliner is the most widely planted grape there. Wines from this grape can have bright acidic fruits, as well as a spicy peppery note. […]
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Winter red, Mourvèdre

I certainly had not heard of Bandol when a wine bar introduced me to it in Washington, DC. Domaine Tempier Bandol rouge: spicy, full body, exotic. This is a deep, dense wine to brood over in winter and get lost in your thoughts. Organically farmed and unfiltered, this wine is mostly Mourvèdre grape from South […]
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Winter Red, South Rhone Blend

Winter Red: Red wine blends from South Rhone Valley, France make an excellent “winter warmer”. A strong wind called “Le Mistral” blows through the valley, clearing clouds to give the grapes long sun exposure to ripen. This yields wines that are jammy, nicely plump for winter, with a hint of spice. The important grapes in […]
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Wine Pairing, Holiday Dinner

Holiday Dinner in Iceland: Hamborgarhryggur, caramel potatoes, glazed carrots, green peas, pickled beets, brown sauce. White wine recommendations: dry Riesling from Alsace (France), Viognier, off-dry Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley (France). Red Wine recommendations: Pinot Noir from Burgundy (France), Gamay from Beaujolais (France), and Listán Negro from Canary Islands (Spain). The latter makes a wonderfully […]
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Winter White, Viognier

Winter White: Viognier makes a lovely, round, medium- to full-body wine. Peach, orange, white flower are typical flavors you will find. Viognier wine is sometimes aged in oak casks, which can give it a creamy or buttery texture with hints of vanilla. Viognier from Walla Walla and Columbia Valley Washington, USA is exposed to longer […]
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