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NYC, Ben & Jack’s

My favourite steak in NYC. The difference is in the quality of the meat. This was my local haunt for 9 years living in the city, and it wasn’t just the white table cloths, the heavy hitter wine list, or even the beef that kept me coming back. It’s the staff and owners–that feeling that […]
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Glasgow, Gin71

Not just posh and inviting décor. Not just one of the most extensive gin lists I’ve ever seen. Also the best gin menu composition ever—unique descriptions, ranking, and custom garnish recommendations. They love gin!

Iceland, Slippurinn

My ideal romantic getaway in Iceland–go to Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) and get secluded. Slippurinn is reason enough to make the trip to this island, and is my Food Mecca for Icelandic cuisine. Their commitment to using local, freshly picked ingredients in both the food and the cocktails are inspirational. If that wasn’t enough, the warm service […]
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London, Dandelyan

#3 for World’s Best Bars 2016. A profound cocktail menu spanning cereal, vegetal, mineral and floral profiles. I draw inspiration from their craft and mixology. The cocktail below used salt-dessicated lemon rind to house a cocktail “amuse bouche”.

Barcelona, Ziryab Fusion Tapas

Cozy, romantic, hidden restaurant with Middle Eastern fusion Tapas. Wine list specializes in Catalonian and Lebanese wines, and you can even find beer from Palestine here. This is where I go to immerse myself in Catalonian wines, some of the most exciting and up-and-coming wines in the world right now!

Inspiration Series

This category is a list of restaurants, bars, food and drink that I draw on for inspiration.