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Sagrantino Passito, Umbria Italy

What a magical, dense, juicy, rich, sweet wine. Wines made from dried grapes will be concentrated and usually sweeter. If you are not familiar with this style of wine, you may be surprised to know that this method of making rich, honeyed wines has existed for 3000 years, and exists in the majority of winemaking countries. […]
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Vin de Paille, Jura France

Another blockbuster surprise, and proof that good things come in small packages. Vin de Paille is a style of wine translated as “straw wine”. This is a reference to bunches of grapes collected off the vine and historically dried to raisins in straw baskets to condense and sweeten the resulting wine. This is a historical […]
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Henriques & Henriques, Madeira Portugal

It is amazing to taste an unfamiliar style of wine, such as Madeira, and to be blown away by the richness and complexity. Madeiran wine has a rich history. The little island off the coast of Africa played a strategic role for extending the reach of Portuguese explorers to undiscovered lands in the 15th century […]
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Muscat Beaume de Venise Blanc

Vin Doux Naturel: a fortified style of wine produced for over 800 years that halts the fermentation of the grapes by adding white grape spirit (aka grapa). This allows the grape juice to keep a fair amount of residual sugar, yielding a sweet wine with an opulent bouquet of fruit aromas and perfume. Full body, […]
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Riesling Beerenauslese, Dr. Loosen

A dessert wine made with Riesling grapes from the Mosel River region in Germany. The soil and unique growing conditions here make for a noble palette, from which this winemaker crafts art. Beerenauslese denotes that this is the 2nd sweetest classification of quality-controlled wines in Germany. The grapes will lose about half of their weight […]
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Barolo Chinato

A most curious aromatic wine, Barolo Chinato (of Piedmont and Protected Origin infamy in Italy) is essentially a red wine spiked with quinine. It may sound like you don’t need medication for malaria, but…maybe you do? I can’t express how much of a pleasant surprise this was for me–burnt orange peel and violets on the […]
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Holy wine. Ok, not literally, maybe just a signature sweet wine (vin) from Santorini (santo). This epic name is more closely associated with Italy, although the origins are Greek. Bragging rights aside, this sweet wine was the perfect touch for every meal in Greece. Raisinated grapes, sugar coated prunes, and baking spice. It’s the delicious […]
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Sauternes, Chateau de Fargues

Step one of learning about sweet wines: Sauternes. This is a beautiful entry-level sweet wine made of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc that have been affected by botrytis. Botrytis, or “Noble Rot” is a fungus that grows on the grape sucking it dry of water. Wine made from the dehydrated grape is a syrupy, condensed goblet […]
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Gewurztraminer, Vendanges Tardives

If you could get your head around Gewurztraminer in my earlier post, now you can complicate your palate further with more words and this wine. Vendanges Tardives designates that the grapes are harvested later, meaning that they are riper, more full of sugar, and might have a touch of “Noble Rot” which creates glorious honeyed […]
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Tokaji AszĂș

Oremus Tokaji Aszu, 3 Puttyanoos: A rich, complex sweet wine. Perfect after a heavy meal. Condensed, almost syrupy, this wine will coat your palate with honeyed sweetness and ripe fruit. An epic treat from a rich winemaking tradition in Hungary.