Australia Spotlight

It is difficult in Iceland to find New World wines from Australia, USA, and New Zealand. Old World wines from France, Italy, Spain are widely quality controlled, drawing on practices, grape and vineyard selection, and methods from monks over hundreds of years. New World wines are newer and have been more of an experiment, and some of the results like California Cabernet and Australian Shiraz have risen as contenders for the world Heavyweight title in wine.

Australian Shiraz is a unique powerful expression of the grape that is otherwise known as Syrah in the rest of the world. It deserves to have its own moniker as it is so special Down Under. I have also been pleasantly surprised by creativity by winemakers in Australia, finding a stunning Nebbiolo and vibrant Verdelho that I describe more on this blog.

It is our commitment to quality products and enhancing your wine experience that Klaustur Bar has specially imported a handful of Australian wines that cannot be found anywhere else in Iceland. I truly hope you enjoy them!

One quick word I would like to add on corks and sustainability. You will notice that many wines from Australia and New Zealand use screw caps rather than the traditional cork. There are many arguments on both sides as to which one is better. This is purely personal preference. I enjoy the luxurious and sexy feel of the cork, as well as it’s pleasing sound when removed. However, the fact of the matter is that there is not enough cork in the world to sustain the global wine industry. Please be open minded about screw caps, as they are no statement on the quality of the wine within. I give you my personal guarantee that I have tasted and selected only the highest quality wines for you at Klaustur Bar.

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